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Phil Hawn on The Office

September 2011 - Venturing back into the sitcom world, Phil shot the "Gettysburg" episode of THE OFFICE as a Park Ranger. We can't give away any details until the show airs, but there just may be a stare down between Phil and Rainn Wilson! Episode airs on Thursday, November 17th on NBC.

Phil at event for Unchained Melody

December 2010 - Phil was walking the red carpet in Beverly Hills this month at the premieres of two Tanner Alexander Redman projects. Please check out Tanner's new album "Rhyme Or Reason" on iTunes and his latest feature film UNCHAINED MELODY also available online.

Phil and Tanner Alexander Redman at event for Unchained Melody

Phil and Charles Barkley

October 2008 - Phil teamed up with Law & Order's Senator Fred Thompson and Basketball Hall of Famer Charles Barkley this month to shoot four thirty-second spots promoting the "NBA on TNT". The promos - now airing on TNT, CNN, TBS & TCM through June 2009 - follow Phil (Congressman Weinberg) and Senator Thompson as they question "Mr. Barkley" on possible violations of sports broadcast standards and practices in his "day job" as an analyst on the Thursday night NBA show. Click here, or on the photo to the right, to jump to the "NBA on TNT" Promos page where you can watch all the promos and see stills & photos from the set.

Phil and Dana Carvey

June 2008 - This month started out great with Phil bumping into Dana Carvey at the Ice House in Pasadena, and it just kept getting better when MIDI Dad Phil was brought back to the TIM AND ERIC AWESOME SHOW, GREAT JOB! studios to guest star in another episode! Apparently, after the first season of the show, Phil's "MIDI Organizer" sketch climbed to #3 on the "10 Favorite Tim & Eric Clips" list! Thanks to everybody that made that happen! We won't go into all the details, but this new sketch is a music video by a MIDI band led by MIDI Dad Phil!! (You didn't hear it from us, but it might involve a minivan with cupholders!) The sketch should air in the "Cinnamon" episode #4 of the 4th Season - sometime around January or February 2009. Phil finished the month as great as it started, doing a comedic photo shoot for famed L.A. photographer David Zaitz. David's work has been used on advertising for L.A. Metro, Big Bear Mountain Resorts, Laughlin NV, Callaway Golf Clubs, Albertsons and many more.

Tim and Eric 1st Season DVD

April 22, 2008 - The season one DVD of TIM AND ERIC AWESOME SHOW, GREAT JOB! was released containing the "Anniversary" episode featuring Phil's "MIDI Organizer" sketch. You'll also find one of Phil's deleted (but still funny!) scenes from that sketch in the "Oops and Ding Dongs" chapter. During its first season, the show made Entertainment Weekly's "The Must List: Ten Things We Love This Week" and reached over 3.6 million adults 18-34!


March 4, 2008 - In the feature film DVD FASTBACK, a '66 Fastback car punishes its owner for back seat sex. Well endowed Billy gets an old car from his very religious Aunt Tilly. It gets worse, when Billy's hated school rival, Arnelle, discovers what's going on in Fastback; she devises some electronics to control Fastback from her computer and really torments Billy. Phil plays Billy's dad in this "rockin" comedy from director Francis Kilduff.

Pacific West Artists (818) 755-8544

July 25, 2007 - Phil has signed with Marjorie Sperling of PACIFIC WEST ARTISTS TALENT AGENCY for representation in all areas!

New Address as of 9/1/2008!!
(818) 755-8544

Dr. Phil Viewer Mail

April 7, 2007 - The first sketch Phil taped for Spike Feresten aired tonight on FOX's TALKSHOW WITH SPIKE FERESTEN during the "Dr. Phil Viewer Mail" segment of his "Alex Borstein" episode. In the sketch, "Jean" of Montpelier, Vermont writes, "Dear Dr. Phil, My husband is still close with his ex-wife. Where do I draw the line?" Spike proceeds to coach the wives in how to "get along".

June 2, 2007 - The episode repeated.

MIDI Organizer

April 1, 2007 - Phil's "MIDI Organizer" sketch aired tonight on the TIM AND ERIC AWESOME SHOW, GREAT JOB! "Anniversary" episode - a week earlier than scheduled - on Cartoon Network's Sunday night [adult swim] block. Click on the image to the right to watch the sketch right now.

Aug 12 & Oct 21, 2007 / Jun 15, 2008 / Jan 9, 2009 - Re-Aired!

Smooth Jazz Exams

January 6, 2007 - One of the sketches Phil shot for Spike Feresten aired tonight on FOX's TALKSHOW WITH SPIKE FERESTEN during the "Comedy for Stoners" segment of his "Carl Reiner" episode. Click on the exam pic (left) to watch the whole "exam" sketch!

March 17 & August 25, 2007 - Repeats of the above "Carl Reiner" episode were aired.

Tim and Eric Awesome Show

January 2007 - The new year kicked off to a great start with Phil taping another sketch for another new sketch comedy show. TIM AND ERIC AWESOME SHOW, GREAT JOB!, stars Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim, both of TOM GOES TO THE MAYOR fame. It premieres on February 11th, airing at 11:45pm on Cartoon Network's Sunday night [adult swim] block. Phil's "MIDI Organizer" sketch is scheduled to air on the April 8th episode.

TALKSHOW with Spike Feresten

October / November 2006 - In early October, Phil was called in to shoot a comedy sketch for a new late night sketch comedy show from FOX called TALKSHOW WITH SPIKE FERESTEN. He must have done something right, because the very next month they called him back to shoot another sketch! The show airs around midnight on Saturday nights - check your listings for your local showtime. It looks as if Phil may be a regular sketch actor for Spike, so keep an eye out for him on just about any episode!

Bahamavention and You

October 2006 - Phil took on the role of "Sad Man" when he shot an infomercial for The Bahamas this month called "BAHAMAVENTION AND YOU". Did you know if you have friends or relatives who are overworked, overstressed, or seriously untan, that you can "Bahamavene" and hold a BahamaventionTM for them, offering them the help only The Islands of The BahamasTM can give? Go to to learn more or click here for air dates!

IBM Toga Phil

August 2006 - Phil was busy on three commercials this month. In a VonageTM Internet phone commercial entitled "Beauty and the Geek" a geek breaks up with a beautiful model in a red sports car ("stupid" decision) while, at the same time, gets his VonageTM installation package ("smart" decision). "Vonage. One smart decision among many, many stupid ones." Look for Phil watering the lawn next door during all the commotion. For IBMTM (in another Joe Pytka directed commercial) a mysterious box is hauled through a studio back lot. A group of costumed actors, including Phil as a toga-wearing Roman, are intrigued and drawn to it as they watch it pass. To finish the month, he shot a spot for Cellular SouthTM (a southeastern U.S. cell phone wireless service) entitled "I Spy" portraying a wedding band keyboard player at a southern wedding reception where some kids spot some strange guests - possibly including Albert Einstein.


May 2006 - In a return to the hallowed halls of AFI, Phil filmed another inspired short there this month - AVOIDANCE. Directed by Nils Timm, the film follows a young guy trying to overcome his many anxieties and win back his "fed up with it all" girlfriend. Phil plays several of the anxieties, all while clad in a peach colored body suit. Who will win? The guy or the anxieties? During location filming on the streets of Beverly Hills, several luxury cars slowed to a crawl as the matronly drivers brought out their camera phones, snapped photos, and then continued on with strange little smiles on their faces.

Jack in the Box

September 2005 - For a Jack in the BoxTM commercial shot this month, Phil stood front and center leading an army of seventy chefs armed with baguette swords and bread roll shields, all pledging allegiance to Jack, who paraded in front of the troops on a black stallion. This spot, entitled "Bread is Back", you do not want to miss. For those of you unfamiliar with this restaurant, Jack in the BoxTM is among the United States' leading fast-food hamburger chains, with more than 2,000 quick-serve restaurants in 17 states. If you believe the commercials, ball-headed Jack runs the chain from the corporate headquarters.

Ameriprise Financial

August 2005 - On August 1, American Express Financial CorporationTM became Ameriprise Financial, IncTM. A commercial was shot this month to help announce this next generation of American ExpressTM Financial Advisors, and Phil was there playing a "new age" minister renewing the vows of a couple on the beach. Well-recognized character actors Madison Mason and Anne Betancourt played the couple.


March 2005 - This month Phil filmed a TravelocityTM commercial, and yes, the little TravelocityTM gnome was on the set. Watch for the spot where the gnome rides a scissorlift up outside the window of an airport terminal trying to help enforce the TravelocityTM guarantee. Phil plays a suit-wearing traveling businessman in the terminal.

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

November 2004 - Shot over several days in an actual operating state mental hospital, WHO FLEW? is a short film based on author Ken Kesey's experience as a mental hospital orderly and LSD guinea pig. While composing the novel ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO'S NEST on the night shift, young Kesey takes an interest in an unhinged psychiatric patient even as Kesey himself tests his own sanity by constantly dropping acid. In this, actor Ryan Hurst's (SAVING PRIVATE RYAN, REMEMBER THE TITANS, WE WERE SOLDIERS) directorial debut, Phil played an obsessive-compulsive psychiatric patient.


August - October 2004 - In the fall of this year, Phil had the priviledge of working twice for the award-winning television commercial director, Joe Pytka "King of the Commercial World". From - "Joe Pytka is one of the most influential and prolific commercial directors of our time...more than 5,000 commercials. Among his achievements, his commercials have debuted more than 30 times on the annual Super Bowl telecast. His influential branding encompasses Ray Charles' "Uh-huh" for Pepsi; a frying egg demonstrating "This is your brain on drugs"; an archaeology dig recovering a Coke bottle for Pepsi; Bo Jackson's "Bo knows"; Larry Bird and Michael Jordan doing "Nothing but net" for McDonald's; chimpanzees spouting famous movie lines, i.e., "I'm mad as hell and not going to take it anymore!" for HBO; Cindy Crawford for Pepsi; and, of course, Ed and Frank of Bartles & James saying, "Thank you for your support." He has earned three of the DGA's Commercial Direction Awards and 14 nominations (as of 2003) - the most for the category." In August, Phil shot a KodakTM commercial with Mr. Pytka entitled "The Gallery" on the same Disney Studio soundstage where MARY POPPINS was filmed in the 60's. Then, less than six weeks later, he was shooting a Pytka LinksysTM commercial as the British father of a "proper" child violinist who grows up to be a rocker.

Jake Gyllenhaal (top), Noah Wyle & Drew Barrymore in DONNIE DARKO

July 23, 2004 - The 2001 sleeper DONNIE DARKO, which has gained cult status since its initial release, was re-released into select theaters as DONNIE DARKO: THE DIRECTOR'S CUT containing an additional 20 minutes, plus new visual effects and new music. The film, in which highschooler Donnie is plagued by visions of a giant evil rabbit who orders him to commit acts of violence and predicts the impending end of the world, is directed by Richard Kelly and stars Jake Gyllenhaal. Catch Phil (in an uncredited appearance) above and to the right of Donnie's parents in the PTA scene. The DVD of THE DIRECTOR'S CUT is planned to be released on February 15, 2005.


June 2004 - April 2005 - The last feature film Phil shot in 2003, CLEAN, was chosen as the "Official Selection" of over ten film festivals in 2004 and 2005. At the New York VisionFest Film Festival, in June 2004, it took home four of the top awards: Best Picture, Best Actor ( Paolo Cascardo), Best Director (Nyle Cavazos Garcia) and Best Editing (also Nyle)! In August, Nyle also nabbed Best Director at the 8th Annual Rhode Island International Film Festival in Providence. In 2005 it continued its winning streak with the top Jury Prize for Best Feature at the 2005 Park City Film Music Festival (January) for composer Paul Curreri's work. February brought the top three prizes at the 2005 DIY Film Festival in Hollywood: Best Drama (Feature), Best Film and Best Director. Then, in March, it won Best Feature Film at the 2005 Sacramento International Film Festival, and in April, the Best Feature Film Audience Choice Award at the 2005 International Beverly Hills Film Festival.


January - May 2004 - First this year, Phil shot a segment of a NikeTM "What If" commercial set at an Olympic gymnastics competition and starring "the fastest woman on the planet," Marion Jones, as a gymnast. After that, he played an auto dealer in a JeepTM commercial and then a vacationer in a commercial for Bank One's Mileage Plus VisaTM card. Lots of commercials!


September - December 2003 - During the last four months of 2003, Phil made up for lost time in front of the cameras filming two feature-length films, a short film and a print ad. In September, he worked with director Francis Kilduff on his feature film FASTBACK as the father of a wayward youth. October brought the shooting of a print ad for NORTHWESTERN MUTUALTM. December found Phil once again going back to AFI to put in a cameo as a favor for his director-friend, Kurt Haas, in his short film BEN & HOLLY - their third film working together. The year was finished out with a turn as a studio executive in the feature CLEAN, directed by Nyle Cavazos Garcia.

Sahara Garey & Phil in MEET ME AT THE OAK

January - August 2003 - For the first eight months of this year, Phil has dedicated his time to rehearsals and performances of the play MEET ME AT THE OAK (see play synopsis below under October - December 2002). OAK was originally intended to run for only six weekends beginning April 5th. It was eventually extended to twenty-two weekends finally closing on August 31st! The positive reviews kept coming in throughout the run and included "powerfully performed - performers rise to the challenge" - The Los Angeles Times, "cast... extremely well" - The L.A. Weekly, "powerful and exceptionally well done, with strong performances by all" - NoHo>LA Magazine, "a please-extend-forever-so-everyone-can-see-it show" - Beverly Press, "will tear your heart out, bring goosebumps - worthwhile - what theatre is all about" - NoHo Arts, "Visceral, chilling..., warming - gives those who enjoy a good cry the opportunity to indulge in one - only a case-hardened audience won't be moved" - Back Stage West Critic's Pick. Also, both the Burbank Times and the Burbank Leader newspapers have run stories about local actor Phil starring in the play.

American Icarus

Besides the play, Phil has managed to squeeze in some work on other projects. In January, he worked three days on a commercial for Land Rover UKTM. In the commercial, that shut down a block of downtown L.A., Phil was chased by a live alligator! Unfortunately, unless you live in the United Kingdom, you'll probably never get to see that sight. February took Phil back to AFI for a first-time collaboration with director Kurt Haas on his short film BRENNBAR'S RANT. In it, Phil played a hen-pecked husband who can never get a word in at a dinner party.

Sedona International Film Festival

The first weekend of March found AMERICAN ICARUS winning the audience award for best short film at the Sedona International Film Festival (Arizona). In April, Kurt Haas asked Phil to work with him on another AFI film - his UNTITLED LOVE STORY. In this one, Phil advertised for a wife, but couldn't quite control his desires on a first date with an applicant. Later that month, the short film 30:13 (filmed in December 2001) premiered at the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences' Goldenson Theatre. Then in May, Phil shot a commercial for Quaker Breakfast SquaresTM.


October - December 2002 - Two of Phil's new short films premiered at the end of this year. On October 29th, CONDEMNED screened at AFI, and then on November 20th, AMERICAN ICARUS premiered at the Ince Theater in Culver Studios.

Ankara International Film Festival

Just after that, on Thanksgiving morning, Phil received news from, appropriately, Turkey (the country) that CONDEMNED had won Best Short Film out of over 40 films in the Ankara International Film Festival!

Meet Me At the Oak

Also this fall, Phil has joined the cast of the play MEET ME AT THE OAK. The production, written and directed by Layon Gray (3 time winner of Artistic Director Awards), will be the inaugural presentation of the Los Angeles African American Repertory Company (LAAREP). The play, set in 1955 Louisiana, has a Caucasian family moving into an all African American neighborhood. When their little girl falls from a huge oak tree in a neighbor's yard - the local law informs the African American family that the tree must be chopped down. They refuse due to the history of the tree - many of their ancestors were hung from it! Phil will be playing Frank Beaudoin, the father of the Caucasian family. The play premieres April 5, 2003 at the Whitmore Lindley Theatre in North Hollywood, California for a six weekend (Sat/Sun) run. If you are in the area, please come and see this very powerful and emotional story.


January - September 2002 - Last year, 2001, was a difficult time for many Hollywood talent agents. One of the fatalities of this downturn was Phil’s talent agency closing its doors at the beginning of 2002. This shifted Phil’s focus for the new year to the rebuilding of his management team. Despite this temporary distraction, Phil managed to appear in commercials for ToyotaTM, SBC Communications Inc.TM and Red Baron PizzaTM. In addition, he shot print ads for the American AirlinesTM site. However, his biggest accomplishments for the year would have to be joining the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (AFTRA), making him a proud member of both actor unions - SAG & AFTRA, and the production of his new demo reel (which you are welcome to view above.)


October - December 2001 - On October 26th, the film DONNIE DARKO opened. This wonderful but under-appreciated film featured Phil as a high school teacher in an emergency PTA meeting. For the year 2001, Phil has devoted most of his time and concentration on acting studies at the Beverly Hills Playhouse. The end of November brought the completion of those studies and dove-tailed neatly into the filming of two new festival-bound short films at the beginning of December. The first film, CONDEMNED, reunited Phil with AFI director Aclan Bates (VERSUS) and had him portraying a caring priest ministering to the spiritual and mental needs of a disturbed, condemned man on death row the night of his execution. The second film, 30:13, depicts a harrowing future in which a crippled World War II veteran becomes the subject of a torturous experiment set in the year 3013 A.D. David Poole is awakened after one thousand years of cryogenic freezing. THE CATCH: his head has been removed and kept alive for experimentation. Trapped in a cold sterile laboratory, David Poole builds a bizarre friendship with an oppressed doctor named Trum. Under the suffocating supervision of three scientists (upper left - one played by Phil), Trum travels through David Poole’s memories, reliving the horrors of World War II combat. The violent nature of this experiment becomes too harsh. Trum is pushed to the brink of death, time and time again. David Poole wants to die. Trum struggles to live. The scientists are unyielding in their torturous methods. Trum must learn to fight back. 30:13 is a story written and directed by Brian Hanson who was inspired by great science fiction films and filmmakers.

American Pie 2

July - September 2001 - Mid-July found Phil filming a music video for the New York city band Nada Surf on their song “Inside of Love.” The video has Phil playing a lonely guy peeling an apple (poorly) and singing (lip-synching) that he wishes he was “inside of love.” The video is headed for MTV Canada with hopes it will cross the border into the U.S. when their album is released down here. On August 10th, AMERICAN PIE 2 opened with Phil’s college professor appearance. Finally, we are sad to relate that on September 20th, Phil’s father, Albert Hawn, passed away at the age of 89. Phil spent most of the month of September with his mother, Naomi, in Kansas City, Missouri.


April - June 2001 - In April, Phil worked on a short film titled FINISHED WITH LOVE for director Kelly Richard. In the film, Phil’s marriage is on the rocks and a family friend is having dinner with him in order to instruct him on how to romance his wife back. The problem is - he’s falling for the family friend! While filming was going on, the actress portraying the family friend, Jean Waller, approached Phil about playing the lead in a short film she had written and was directing at the beginning of May - BUTTHEAD BLUES. In between these two filmings, Billy Crystal’s 61* premiered on HBO on April 28th with Phil playing a very pushy press photographer who intrudes on Roger Marris’s personal time at his Raytown, Missouri home. During a lull in the filming of 61*, Phil and Barry Pepper discussed how this was the second film they had been in together where Phil portrayed a photographer, the first being THE GREEN MILE. What they forgot, was that they had worked on a third film together, before either of those, in the headquarters of the NSA in ENEMY OF THE STATE. On May 19th, the short film AMERICAN COFFEE, helmed by director Andy Gose, screened for the public and had Phil appearing as a coffee-swilling local.

Kevin Costner (left) in THIRTEEN DAYS

January - March 2001 - On January 12th, THIRTEEN DAYS (right), New Line Cinema’s inside look at the Kennedy Administration during the Cuban Missile Crisis opened nationwide. Look out! Phil was in the United Nations Assembly administering stuff! You'll find him at the head of the administration table just below the Soviet Ambassador. In mid-February, Phil portrayed a college professor for the filming of AMERICAN PIE 2. At the end of February, he went back to work for director Nickolay Todorov making a short film based on a scene from the Gene Hackman classic THE CONVERSATION. In early March, Phil played a medic in an America West AirlinesTM commercial.


December 2000 - First thing this month Phil worked again with the director Pema Dhondup filming an untitled short. Then, on the 7th, the AFI short VERSUS (left) was screened at AFI to great reviews from the attending AFI fellows and dean. That was followed on the 15th by the first public screening of EAST OF WEST.

Isaac Muzzy

November 2000 - Phil started this month with a little trip back in time to April 19, 1775 where he played the patriot/minuteman Isaac Muzzy (right) in the Battle of Lexington for the pilot telefilm DAWN OF OUR NATION. DAWN, directed by Michael Leighton, covers most of the events of that day that started the American Revolutionary War and will air in 2001, signaling the start of a massive mini-series intending to show how the United States was born. It has been rumored that somewhere in the 104-hour mini-series, Isaac may have an entire episode expanding on his life and involvement in the war - stay tuned! During and after the filming of DAWN, Phil filmed five more short films in the month beginning with an appearance as a waiter in a spaceship in THE GREATEST INTERGALACTIC HERO with director Mike Smolev. Next up was a short by Pema Dhondup based on a scene from Steve Martin's play W.A.S.P. with Phil as the clueless father. This was followed by a turn as a famous film director in Anna Scott's film CAST. Having wanted to work on an American Film Institute film for quite some time, Phil was honored to be offered and shoot the starring role in the AFI short VERSUS helmed by Aclan Bates portraying a fellow who's a little upset with how his life has gone. The month ended with THE VALENTINE, for director and writer Heather Dyer, where Phil played a father who really knows how to mess up his daughter's head about love.

East of West

October 2000 - Phil is scheduled to shoot four short films this month. First, directed by Ram Steiner in an adaptation of the Raymond Chandler novel - FAREWELL, MY LOVELY - Phil plays a doctor (again) who is unlawfully holding the famed detective, Philip Marlowe, in a hospital. Then, in EAST OF WEST, written and helmed by Ryan Engle, Phil gets the you-know-what beat out of him (left) when he doesn't have the money he owes some thugs. After that, Phil literally goes to hell in WELCOME TO HELL directed by Luke Abbott. This short film, in which Phil plays the guy at the check-in desk of hell, will be featured on the site in the near future. Finally, in Amy Collins' short AMERICAN ICARUS, Phil dons his doctor's lab coat once again as a pediatrician.

Al Pacino

September 2000 - This month gave Phil the rare opportunity to film for a day with his acting idol, Al Pacino. On the 14th of the month, Phil played a movie premier attendee in Mr. Pacino's new film, S1M0NE. In S1M0NE, a producer (Pacino) whose new film is endangered when his star walks off, decides to digitally create an actress to substitute for the star. The digital replacement becomes an overnight sensation that everyone thinks is a real person. Also this month, at the Beverly Hills Playhouse class, Phil portrayed Mitch in a scene from A STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE to two standing ovations from his peers.

Jenna Elfman

August 2000 - Phil recently completed an improv class at The Groundlings School taught by Tony Sepulveda, a member of The Groundlings main troupe and casting director at Warner Bros. Television. This month, wanting to get back to traditional scene study, Phil interviewed and was accepted into acting classes at the Beverly Hills Playhouse, which was founded by Milton Katselas, a distinguished acting teacher and director. Milton has taught and/or directed many of the top acting talents in this country including Blythe Danner, Eileen Heckart, Bette Davis, Michelle Phillips, Giovanni Ribisi, Anne Archer, Tom Selleck, Robert Urich, Jenna Elfman (above left), Patrick Swayze, Michelle Pfeiffer and George Clooney, among many others. Jenna still attends class at the Playhouse.


July 2000 - This month found a short film parody Phil worked on last October bursting onto the internet and into the press. SPOOF! AN INSIDER'S GUIDE TO SHORT FILM SUCCESS had Phil playing a by-the-book loan officer and was directed by William Sherak and Jason Shuman. SPOOF! was posted mid-month on the web site and by month's end had been viewed 30,000 times. The press jumped on it and articles could be found about SPOOF! in the July 20th Daily Variety and the July 28th Entertainment Weekly. Right at the end of this month Phil did some filming on the dramatic fantasy film DONNIE DARKO with Drew Barrymore and Noah Wyle. DARKO combines elements of mystical fantasy and science fiction with a teenage romance and has Phil playing a high school teacher.

Big Momma's House

June 2000 - This month started on the 2nd with 20th Century Fox's BIG MOMMA'S HOUSE opening in theatres. Phil was Big Momma's little mailman deliverin' the mail! On the 22nd of this month Phil spent a day on the set of the TNT biopic JAMES DEAN playing a bartender. Dean is being played by James Franco (FREAKS AND GEEKS) and telefilm is scheduled to air in early 2001. Then, on the 28th, Phil changes channels to HBO for a day of filming on their Billy Crystal-directed 61*. Phil will play a photographer in the cable film about the competition between New York Yankees' Mickey Mantle (Thomas Jane) and fellow Yankee Roger Maris (Barry Pepper) to break Babe Ruth's single season home run record in 1961. Immediately following that, Phil has also been cast for a few days of filming with Billy Bob Thornton and Frances McDormand in an upcoming film by Joel and Ethan Coen for Working Title Films. Untitled film is being called THE BARBER PROJECT or THE BARBER MOVIE (this film was ultimately titled THE MAN WHO WASN'T THERE). Phil will be playing a courtroom observer. Pic, which begins filming June 21, will be distributed by USA Films. Movie is a period piece, set in 1949, in the spirit of THE POSTMAN ALWAYS RINGS TWICE, with McDormand playing a femme fatale. She'll portray the wife of a barber, Thornton, who is as conniving as she is philandering. Things heat up when her boyfriend turns up dead. Lots of period haircuts for Phil this month, going from 1955 to 1961 to 1949 in less than two weeks!

Dr. Young

May 2000 - Phil is currently shooting the independent feature film EVEN STEVEN, in which he plays the ambitious, opportunistic Dr. Young (right), under the direction of Darrell Warren. Dr. Young is a doctor that seems to have forgotten his hippocratic oath as he goes around causing havoc in the hospital and the community - hurting more people than he heals! But it's all just lots of fun as Phil delivers babies and bullets in this soon-to-be-released action film! Earlier in the month Phil spent a night of filming on MGM's upcoming HEARTBREAKERS with Sigourney Weaver and Jennifer Love Hewitt. Phil portrayed a Palm Beach bank customer in the film about a mother-daughter con team that makes a career out of swindling men after marriage. MGM plans a first-quarter 2001 release.

April 2000 - Phil was busy this month completing filming on two shorts and a feature film, and the staged performance of a play scene. In the first short film VULTURES directed by Nickolay Todorov, everybody knows except Phil who stars as the husband of an accident victim. In the second short THIRSTY, a romantic comedy set in a 50's diner and directed by Amy Do, Phil plays Jack, the haughty womanizing waiter who tries to come between a young couple. For the feature film PURE BLISS Phil is featured as a guest at a costume party dressed as Hitler with direction from Drew Barnhardt. On April 3rd, directed by Chad Rocco, Phil performed a staged scene from Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. 's HARRISON BERGERON in front of a directing workshop at USC in which he played the father, George Bergeron.

Oliver Platt & David Arquette in READY TO RUMBLE Also this month Warner Bros. released READY TO RUMBLE on April 7th in which Phil appeared as a lawyer backstage at the big New York fight just trying to stay out of the way of all the rumbling!
Der Apfel And on April 16th, the short DER APFEL directed by Sara Jochums, in which Phil plays a Nazi General, was publicly screened for the first time.

Annette Benning in WHAT PLANET ARE YOU FROM?

March 2000 - This month Phil shot on the indie feature ALL ABOUT YOU for director Christine Swanson where he plays a keyboard player in a wedding band. Later in the month, performing a staged scene from BABYLON REVISITED and directed by Shuhei Fujita, Phil played the role of Lincoln for a USC directing workshop.

What Planet Are You From?

The month was kicked off by Columbia Pictures' presentation of WHAT PLANET ARE YOU FROM? (upper and lower right) on March 3rd in which Phil appeared as one of the alien students being taught about earth women.

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