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In VERSUS Phil portrays a fellow who's a little upset with how his life has gone. Versus
Condemned Phil played a caring priest ministering to the spiritual and mental needs of a disturbed, condemned man on death row the night of his execution in the psychological drama CONDEMNED.
In the independent feature film EVEN STEVEN Phil plays the ambitious, opportunistic Dr. Lee Young. Dr. Young is a doctor that seems to have forgotten his hippocratic oath as he goes around causing havoc in the hospital and the community - hurting more people than he heals! But it's all just lots of fun as Phil delivers babies and bullets in this soon-to-be-released action film! Even Steven
Vultures In VULTURES Phil played the husband of an accident victim who is the last to know that his wife has been having an affair.
As the haughty womanizing Jack the Waiter, Phil desperately tries to come between a young couple in the comedy THIRSTY. Thirsty
Babylon Revisited Playing the weak and cowardly husband, Lincoln, Phil is forced to make a decision about giving his dead sister-in-law's child back to the "recovered" alcholic widower who is asking for her to be returned to him in BABYLON REVISITED.
In the tradition of OZZIE AND HARRIET, FATHER KNOWS BEST, and LEAVE IT TO BEAVER, in DRESSING THE NELSONS Phil portrays Stanley Nelson, a 1950's dad trying to deal with the introduction of his son's cross dressing into his perfect sitcom-like life. Dressing the Nelsons
Michael Madsen & Phil in SUPREME SANCTION The chicken legs that Phil has always kept carefully hidden were made "world famous" in SUPREME SANCTION as he played Stanley the nerdly tourist husband.
Phil gets mugged by some wannabe tough guys in the park as a transient in WHAT YOU LOOKIN' AT, but later is their ticket out of hell when he's assigned as their guardian angel. What You Lookin' At
Der Apfel In DER APFEL Phil keeps a German concentration camp on its toes while a simple apple changes a young soldier's outlook on life.
Phil photographs a politician's speaking appearance and dodges bullets at the same time in FUGITIVE MIND. Fugitive Mind