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Waving Stanley Supreme Sanction
The chicken legs that Phil has always kept carefully hidden were made "world famous" in SUPREME SANCTION as he played Stanley the nerdly tourist husband. Commentary from Phil: "On the commentary track of the DVD, Michael (Madsen) claims I didn't talk to him that day because I was a friend of his ex-wife. This is not true! I've never met the woman! I was probably more concerned with figuring out how to stay warm in those shorts on that cold cloudy beach than talking to people. Sorry Michael! We'll talk next time! Not to mention, you were really into that milkshake! Also, John (Terlesky, the director) claims that the clothes were all my own. Very funny John, but sorry - only the socks, shoes and beach towel were mine. Wardrobe provided the rest of the hopefully unusually-nerdly look for me. Leave those two guys alone with a microphone and who knows what they'll say!"
Suanne Spoke, Phil & David Duke in SUPREME SANCTION
Michael Madsen & Phil in SUPREME SANCTION Stanley's Legs
Michael Madsen & Phil in SUPREME SANCTION Michael Madsen, Phil & Suanne Spoke in SUPREME SANCTION

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