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Fred Savage & Phil in WORKING Sarah Knowlton, Arden Myrin, Fred Savage, Yvette Freeman & Maurice Godin in WORKING Phil & Kate Hodge in WORKING
Money Grab Phil punched in for work 9 to 5 everyday for the last seven episodes of the WORKING TV series' first season. Phil & Sarah Knowlton in WORKING

- SCENE FROM "As Bad as It Gets" EPISODE -
Written by David Fury and David Rosenberg

HAL...Sarah Knowlton
DELANEY...Steve Hytner
JIMMY...Dana Gould
ABBY...Arden Myrin

Standing: Kate Hodge, Arden Myrin, Sarah Knowlton & Phil. Seated: Steve Hytner, Fred Savage & Dana Gould in WORKING HAL "We just heard that the prize for the incentive program is a trip to the Bahamas for the whole team!"
DELANEY "Let's get back to work."
Steve Hytner in WORKING
Dana Gould in WORKING JIMMY "Hey! Since when do you like the Bahamas?"
DELANEY "Are you kidding? This is my chance for a big cash-out. Skin cancer baby! You know how much Upton/Webber will pay me if I get skin cancer?"
ABBY "That's terrible!"
Steve Hytner, Arden Myrin, Sarah Knowlton & Fred Savage in WORKING
Steve Hytner & Kate Hodge in WORKING DELANEY "Oh yeah? See that guy over there? (pointing at Phil) Upton/Webber sent him to Maui. He can no longer be exposed to natural sunlight. (ECSTATIC) But he gets $500 a year for the rest of his life!!" Pale Phil

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